Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Same Old, Same Old... ?

Today didn't have the greatest start. I had an 8am meeting with some parents who are concerned about the vocational future of their adult child with a disability. Such meetings don't happen that often, and are part of what I do. This particular one wasn't really that bad, except for the absurdly early timing. The parents are in a bit of denial about their daughter's abilities, but they were polite and understanding as I outlined options and what my agency would and would not do. They even agreed the current job is a "good fit", as far as it goes.

Mom: [Name of Assisted Living Facility] is not a bad match for "Linda". She likes working with old people.

"Linda": I like new people, too!

Bless her heart.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Bore

For Weese. See, it's a door.

Now, 'fess up: did you notice the pseudo-knob, incorrectly placed, on the former door during your visit?


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Door and a Whore

Sunday, I successfully hung a new door. I know, scintillating information. Historically, though, doors have been the bane of my existence. Moreso even than plumbing or electrical work. In fact, a couple of doors I've ruined in the past function as shelves in our sheds.

This particular door, Sunday's success story, was actually my second attempt to replace the truly sad, saggy, water-damaged critter that existed when we purchased the house. It's fairly visible, the entrance to the storage shed in our carport, and it looked even worse when the new siding went up (like two years ago). I first endeavored to replace that shed door months ago. Because not a single joint in this house is square or plumb, it required a LOT of planing. Because I was inattentive to the orientation of the door, I chiseled out the hinge slots upside down. Because my woman understood the effort involved, and because we were on a time line, we accepted this error and simply flipped the door - so the knob was three feet from the top rather than three feet from the bottom. By then, I was out of time... so I stuck the knob through the door, sans tongue, to create the appearance of a finished door.

Saturday, I decided it was time to permanently attach the knob. Only moments into the effort, I discovered (yet another) major flaw: Because I drilled the knob holes prior to the substantial planing, the latch tongue extended too far. That was the last straw, the failure that sent this broken camel back to Home Depot for a fresh door.

I attacked the new door with cautious confidence. I wrote "top outside" on one panel, so I'd keep the hinges and knob aligned. I used my table saw to trim the edge, so no planing was required. I chiseled carefully, measured everything at least twice, and compared my new door to the fucked up one several times, so there was no stripping of screws or relocating of hinges. Thus was the new door successfully hung. The knob is attached. It locks. It's done. I conquered a door!

Oh. The whore.

That bitch in Oklahoma. You've heard it by now. I was going to suggest that perhaps the bitch doth protest too much; that we should have a Gay Agenda including indoctrination of two-year-olds, including starting GayCare Centers, you know, before your kid goes to Pre-Gay... But I'm not ready to laugh yet. I'm gay, but I ain't happy. What the fuck did we ever do to that ignorant, hateful, bigot?

Kiss my gay ass, Sally Kern.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008


What to blog? Weese suggested I post my yard work efforts, but really, how exciting can re-stacked firewood and bags of leaves be? Lee sent me a cartoon yesterday with the caption, "I am looking out of the window waiting for something to blog". Close enough to the truth.

I had a fabulous time in Connecticut, both as a guest of Casa de Weese (and wife) and at SassyFemme's second annual blogfest, but I think others have nicely captured that event in words and photos.

My dogs are still cute, my job is still annoying, and we're still dragging our feet on the home renovations. We're beyond excited that The Boy is going to Asia, but that's been covered, too.

So... what's to come? As Weese suggested, Spring is nearly here in Northern Virginia. Time to get the tractor serviced and start the grass seeding and watering marathon anew. Pity we didn't get cranking on the basement rehab sooner, because now we'll have to find time for both. And baseball season is nearly upon us, so I need to prep for my two fantasy leagues.

I'm ready for Spring, though. Time to soak up the sun and flex a little muscle. :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Coming Soon

To a blog near you...

A new blog post. Really. I promise.

Just wanted to get the word out that I hadn't given up on this-here blogging thang entirely. :)


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Gmail, this time you've gone too far.

I know, it's damned hard to read. Allow me: There's a hyperlink entitled "UnfaithfulWife", to a website called "marriedbutplaying".

Fuck THAT.

And for the record, that was NOT inspired by the contents of my Inbox.



Thursday, January 17, 2008

That's My Woman


We'd been in the office for a while.

Suzanne left the room; I have no idea for what purpose. Shortly, I heard her talking nonsense to Pixie... a not uncommon occurrence.

She returned to the office. "You left a scary movie on the TV in there. Pixie was all curled up in a little ball* like she was scared...
so I turned it off

* also a not uncommon occurrence. See the picture?

** weese, please don't yell at me for leaving a TV on in an uninhabited room for a few short hours.