Saturday, June 26, 2004

Getting Started...

...May be my single biggest challenge in life.

Take this post, for example. No, let's backtrack. Take blogging in general as an example. My introduction to blogging came via my girlfriend, Suzanne. She and I have a lot of commonalities, not the least of which is enjoyment of the English language and the desire to write. Suzanne, being not so challenged in the getting started category, began blogging almost two months ago. I was intrigued from the beginning: Finally, a medium with which to get our feet wet in the writing arena! Joy!

This intrigue did not, however, lead to action... because action starts with - well - getting started. Argh. Grrrr, even. Stalemate.

I dipped my pinkie toe into this endeavor several weeks ago, when I decided to post a brief comment to one of Suzanne's posts. Oh, the dismay I felt upon the realization that in order to post, I would have to create an account! WTF??? I almost gave it up right there, but finally chose a name that provided more than a moment's satisfaction. When the site then required a name for my personal blog, however, I caved. HOW could I possibly create an interesting and meaningful name for my own blog on such short notice? Nope. Uh-uh. Not gonna happen. So, I bailed. Or thought I had. And then realized the site would allow me to post my piddly little response at that point, even though I had not actually completed all of the steps to create my own blog account. So, I posted. Woohoo. Woo-fuckin-hoo, even. This *very* minor accomplishment was somewhat brightened by Suzanne's apparent pleasure in the fact that I had interjected my silly, almost meaningless, words into her blog. Said brightening was not enough to propel me into further action, however. God, no. That would be too easy.

So... back to this post. Somehow, this morning, the idea of creating my own blog didn't seem quite so overwhelming. What's the big deal, right? Maybe that's the case for some - or even most - but not so for me. I nearly balked again when faced with the task of assigning a name to my blog. My first two attempts were not permitted - obviously not original enough. After pondering for well over half-an-hour, I finally settled upon the Wannabe/WendyWannabe tag. Hmmm... looking at it now, maybe I did okay after all. "Wannabe" DOES seem to be an integral facet of who I am. And now that I'm typing, the words are flowing easily. I'm glad I made it past the "getting started" point.

Woohoo - without the sarcasm this time. :)