Thursday, May 31, 2007

Twelfth Night

Yeah, so it's been 12 full days since I last posted. Twelve days full of sunshine and conscientious watering, as a matter of fact.

Yeah, I'm writing about grass again. Check it out.

Don't worry about that barren patch in the middle. That area will be graded with the dirt that was delivered today, then freshly seeded. Note the lush quality of my grass relative to the pre-existing stuff. Overseeding of several such areas of the yard is also on the to-do list.

I'll try to refrain from posting more pictures of additional grass growth.

But no promises.

[Dirt update, per Weese's request.]


Saturday, May 19, 2007


It started innocently enough. Given our recent success in other landscaping endeavors, today I wanted to tackle the sparse, weedy area of our back yard that was once referenced as "the wildlife habitat." When we purchased our home, it was in need of a little attention. Most of our attention has gone to the inside of the house, but we have done - or paid for - tree work, and we did remove the massive pile of branches and other debris that comprised the wildlife habitat. The area has lain untouched by anything other than the mower since that time. I soaked it pretty well with the hose last night to facilitate loosening the dirt to utilize this fine product:

Per the instructions, I needed to loosen a couple of inches of the "topsoil" (we'll use that term loosely, mmkay?) prior to applying the combination seed/fertilizer. A few moments into my task, I realized there was yet another layer of crap buried in the earth.

I shucked my gloves and went to consult with Suzanne about the options. We decided it would be best to do the job the right way, rather than half-assing it. We reasoned that, despite the apparent health of the existing weeds, grass might not grow as prolifically. We didn't want weeds in our new grass.

And, the penultimate decision-maker: What Would Weese Do?

WWWD*? Weese would do it right. And how could I, a young (enough), strong (enough), stubborn (hell yeah) lesbian with four sound extremities, not do WWWD (What Weese Would Do - nice how it works both ways, huh?).

So, documentation of my WWWD labors. Halfway, but not half-ass.

The excavation items today included screen, plastic sheeting, linoleum, candles, two steel rods, a plastic milk carton, several margarine-type plastic containers, plastic potting trays, paint rollers, and more. For the record, I'm not sure how I feel about global warming, but that shit about how plastic never deteriorates? Absolutely true.

If When I finish this particular project, I fully intend to engage in another WWWD ritual: cocktails.

*"WWWD" Copyright Syd, 2007. Used by permission.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Reason Number 1548

... that I love Trader Joe's.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Suburban Wildlife*

Watching the sunset over the backyard this evening, I noticed this:

I laughed, assuming Suzanne had placed it there to torture play with Pixie. When she saw the object of my amusement, she started laughing, too.

It seems it was placed there by the contractors we had at the house today.

*Title not meant to imply lack of actual squirrels, despite Pixie's vigilance.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


This just pisses me OFF. Now, now that military recruiting is at an all-time low, NOW gays are good enough?

Discharged gay sailor is called back to active duty

Grrr. I love my country. I respect and support our soldiers. This fucking war, and all the associated expense in lives, money, and international respect, just makes me ill. The selective application of laws and loopholes is just icing on the cake.

I'm so sick of this political diet I could choke.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Do You Know Jack?

I imagine by now that the concept of "Jack Radio" is fairly well-known: a format of music from the 60s to the 90s, plus "whatever" else they feel like playing. DC did have a Jack, called George, but the format changed recently. There is a Jack out of Baltimore, but the signal strength doesn't really stretch to accommodate my commute. Not that it matters, really. I'm much more prone to listening to sports radio or Don & Mike. Yesterday, however, I did discover that Baltimore's Jack 102.7 is sponsoring a concert in July: Jack Fest!

Oh my f'ing God. Are they serious? Jack Fest? Is it sponsored by Johnson & Johnson? Or Astroglide? That's whacked.

I hope the name doesn't rub anybody the wrong way. Nah, only a jerk would get bent out of shape over that. You've really got to hand it to those marketing people. You just can't beat that name.

It's a shame the lineup doesn't include Green Day, since they apparently have some affinity for choking the chicken.

I'm not going to touch the potential food vendor items. Wait, yes I am. Surely some kind of beef. Maybe salami. With mayo. Or hot dogs. I doubt they'd have bananas or cucumbers, but pickles might be available. Yeah, foodstuffs with preservatives are probably the best shot. Beef jerky, anyone?