Saturday, December 08, 2007

On Beverages and Being Lazy

It was a lazy Saturday morning. Quite uncharacteristically, we both slept in. Miraculously, the dogs allowed our slovenly behavior. Upon waking, the dogs needs were tended, but we elected to drink our coffee from bed while channel-surfing.

We ended up viewing a History Channel program on the, well, history of beer in America. From the early competition of breweries in Milwaukee to the vision of August Busch in St. Louis and later upstarts in Colorado, we learned of the challenges of bottling, the introduction of canning, and the woeful interlude known as Prohibition. More than once, the narrator mentioned Busch's dream of making America a nation of beer drinkers. After one such occurrence, Suzanne lifted her coffee mug in tribute and exclaimed, "I love these people!"

Coffee on lazy Saturday mornings is good. Almost as good as entrepreneurism and beer.



Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Best Damned Day

I don't do birthdays. Oh, I'm fine with celebrating the birthdays of others, just not my own. I don't care to have a lot of fuss; frankly, I hate being the center of attention. I don't drop hints to coworkers or friends when my birthday is approaching, I beg Suzanne not to sing to me... and, this year, I adamantly insisted that I not be the recipient of another blogosphere VaginArt celebration.

Against all odds, my friends both here at home and across the country respected my wish. Of even greater unlikelihood, I am acknowledging--publicly, willfully, gleefully--my birthday. From the handmade gifts that were a total surprise, to the Japanese Maple that now resides in Connecticut (simply waiting for me to claim it), the thoughtfulness of my dear friends demands more than a gracious receipt. They deserve celebration.

The hand-drawn card taped to a beer from my own fridge was pretty damned funny, too.

Thank you all for a wonderful day. :)