Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Bore

For Weese. See, it's a door.

Now, 'fess up: did you notice the pseudo-knob, incorrectly placed, on the former door during your visit?



sporksforall said...

The door and rhyming are both nice. Actually the door is nice. I'm trying to decide about the rhyming. ;)

WordsRock said...

The door is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

that is one beautiful fuckin door!

weese said...

I love the door.
well done. look at the even spacing all the way around.
I am duly impressed.

(and no... I never noticed the last one - but, um... wasn't I drunk?)

Lee said...

it's beauty lies within it's simple functionality, good work :)

jackpot said...

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