Tuesday, March 04, 2008


What to blog? Weese suggested I post my yard work efforts, but really, how exciting can re-stacked firewood and bags of leaves be? Lee sent me a cartoon yesterday with the caption, "I am looking out of the window waiting for something to blog". Close enough to the truth.

I had a fabulous time in Connecticut, both as a guest of Casa de Weese (and wife) and at SassyFemme's second annual blogfest, but I think others have nicely captured that event in words and photos.

My dogs are still cute, my job is still annoying, and we're still dragging our feet on the home renovations. We're beyond excited that The Boy is going to Asia, but that's been covered, too.

So... what's to come? As Weese suggested, Spring is nearly here in Northern Virginia. Time to get the tractor serviced and start the grass seeding and watering marathon anew. Pity we didn't get cranking on the basement rehab sooner, because now we'll have to find time for both. And baseball season is nearly upon us, so I need to prep for my two fantasy leagues.

I'm ready for Spring, though. Time to soak up the sun and flex a little muscle. :)


SassyFemme said...

Yeah, you blogged! One more thing to come that you need to get into... WNBA season. You've got a team fairly close by, I believe. WNBA is one of the many wonderful things about spring/summer!

Don't forget we want pics of you flexing those muscles! ;)

Lee said...

oh boy more sports

Anonymous said...

ooohhh baby, flex them muscles!

Val said...

You'll find something to write about, I'm sure.
What about that new word game you guys have tried?

sporksforall said...

Let her prepare for baseball, y'all. If she's prepared and I beat her (again), I'll feel better about my lack of muscle.

Anonymous said...

you can always blog about breasts!!

john said...

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