Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry F'ing Christmas

Now this, THIS is a Christmas gift for lesbians.

Nice, eh? If for some crazy, ridiculous, idiotic reason that image doesn't appeal to you, try this one: it was a gift from Suzanne's sister, the former nun. And we opened it in front of her mother.

If that image does work for you, there are others. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Not so oddly enough, this is exactly where my head has been...

There, but for..grace..

Syd said...

It uh...yeah, that works for me. BIG time!

tiff said...

Mmm - check out the "Aubade" website for some pretty pictures too. Even I, as a straight girl, can appreciate that.

tiff said...

whoa - just checked out the photographer's webpage.


Well now. Who knew?

Forget what I said about the other thing.

Suzanne said...

Something to add to the list of things one never wants to hear from their mother: my mother, and I quote, said "Is that supposed to turn you on?"

Wendy wiped the drool off her chin in reply.

My sister is the best.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!!! Pardon me while I mop up the drool surrounding me!

Judy's work is amazing!! She has been a favourite of mine for....well, uhhmmmm errrrrrrrr.....a very loooooooong time!!

Pardon me while I just slip away to drool some more....k??

KMae said...

Those photos are truly exquisite!
Mmmmm mmmMMM!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't do a thing for me, Wendy.

Is it because I'm NOT a lesbian?

Anonymous said...

OK, I looked again.

The photography IS brilliant.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I think for today my favorite three words, the words which have quickened my heart and made the life just a little brighter are: "There are others"